About Me

Opera National de Paris Garnier, France

Hi! My name is Gil. I’m 27 years old, married, and I am a US Air Force veteran that recently got accepted into the University of San Diego’s physics undergraduate program. 

I dream of building an empire of riches while also spending my time trying to understand the mathematics of the universe. 

Along the way, I’d like to build a following of readers that learn from my experience. I’d like to inspire others to dream of their own fortunes and act towards realizing them.

I began an independent study of real estate when I turned 18 and purchased my first multifamily property at 19, in 2016. I’ve personally educated many others on how to do this as well, in any city, during any market.

After seeing how successful my teaching methods have been, I decided I would try and share them online (Not a pitch). It is much more exhausting to teach an individual than if I laid my advice down on paper.

My target audience is really young adults who aren’t in a hole. I hope to serve as a guide in a world where there aren’t many. Click to read my favorite post.