The Prolific Creator’s Handbook: How to Act, What to Make, and Where to Be

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The Handbook For Prolific Success

“Everything in the world starts small and then becomes bigger—except bad things. They start big, and then get smaller.” – Warren St. John

You want to create a personal brand with the proper framework and only after taking proper steps.

You are going to start small unless you were born into fame. Depending on the amount of value you provide to your audience, which just means satisfying their needs and wants, it will determine both your speed of growth and destination.

Thankfully for us normal people, we do not need to garner the attention and love of millions. 1000 true fans will be enough and will be your first goal.

I promise you, this is going to be a grind but I will lay out the framework that I have operated with that led me to receive many awards in the military.

You can use this framework too. I’ve tweaked it to embody my new goals and aspirations and I expect you to do the same.

Conquer Your Time: Night Owl vs Early Bird?

It starts with optimizing the amount of hours we make available to us.

This is done by adjusting your sleep schedule to allow for 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Your room should be clean and organized because it is where you go to recharge after a long day of being a boss.

Sleep should be done at the same time every day and if you have issues then it’s best to visit a sleep doctor and figure out why. I couldn’t wake up rested to save my life and I discovered I had sleep apnea.

I believe people prefer to be night owls but early birds really do “get the worm”. You’re going to be operating a business and you need to be up before the market opens.

Night owls and early birds have the same amount of hours in the day but early birds operate at a more efficient time of day to do business. If your business asks you to be a night owl, then, by all means, adapt.

Now that we have 16-18 hours a day to accomplish our goals, we need to develop a schedule to operate under. A schedule that fulfills all aspects of health and fitness.

The 4 Pillars For The Best Schedule

In the United States Air Force, they call this “Comprehensive Airman Fitness”, and it’s a way of living that is taught to provide the men and women the physiological capacity of dealing with the stresses and challenges of performing the mission.

The philosophy goes as follows. You have 4 pillars that must be satisfied in order for your brain to develop resiliency.

What is resiliency? Resiliency is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties just like a rubber band snaps back into place.

These 4 pillars are mental, physical, spiritual, and social.

Providing attention and care to each pillar will result in an optimal way of living.

Care For Your Brain

For the mental pillar, you must identify your feelings, thoughts, and emotions as you experience them. Your emotions must not take over you and you must learn to cope with each one. Find solitude within yourself.

A few things to practice to fulfill this category would be to meditate and visit a mental health expert for guidance.

Care For Your Body

The physical category is common sense to all of us. We already know the benefits of being physically fit. If you don’t, well, being physically fit makes all the levers, pipes, and machinery in your bodywork at peak performance.

This means your immune system is working better, your heart is pumping blood easily, and your thinking becomes sharper. (I’ll have to cite some sources one day.)

Working out in the morning or evening are two great ways to get your exercise in. Just make sure that it’s in there!

Care For Your Spirit

In no particular order, the third pillar is the spiritual pillar. This one is not talking about religion but more like a system of motivation. What keeps your spirits up? If yours is a religion then that’s awesome. Some individuals, like myself, need something else.

For myself, I’m motivated by knowing that I am helping people by sharing these ideas. When I learned about these pillars, I just knew I had to share them with the rest of the world.

Care For Your Community

The final pillar is the social pillar. Friends and family provide a support system to lean on when you need it and you will need it. This pillar is important to cultivate and pay attention to who you allow being apart of it.

Having the wrong person in your private life can detriment the entire foundation of your framework.

Now, you’ve optimized your body functioning and have 16-18 hours a day. Good job!

Where To Be On the Internet?

Now I will outline the key ingredients to online brand success. Ingredients that I use in my own recipe for success.

We’re going to adopt all the new technology out there to get our business heard. This means utilizing social media like a madman.

You must follow proper branding guidelines and use your own website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok for brand awareness.

On your website, you can provide text versions of all of your video content, including your video content.

The pages you need on your website are a landing page, a blog page, and a page that hosts your product.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok will be the means that brings your website traffic.

How Much To Post On Social Media?

Every platform has its own small details that differentiate the technical aspect of content that they allow. What unites them all if that the framework for succeeding on each platform is the same.

You must post consistently. For YouTube, it’s 1 to 2 times a week. Facebook, 1 time a day. Instagram, 1-2 times a day. Twitter, 3-15 times a day. For TikTok, it’s 3-5 times per day.

What kind of Post on Social Media?

According to Phil Pallen, a brand strategist, there are 4 kinds of content you should post. He limits it to Twitter but I believe it can be adopted onto almost all platforms.

They go as follows, Website Link (WL), Quick Question (QQ), Industry Buzz (IB), and Networking Effort (NE).

WL is a piece of content about you. Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it that way? What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working? Pallen goes on to state that social media is intended for conversation not broadcast. Something to keep in mind.

QQ is solely for engagement. You’ll throw out a question to your audience and it can be on or off-brand, it doesn’t matter. Asking them what food they prefer and why VS Asking them what social media platform is driving them insane.

IB pieces of content are where you reinforce your expertise. This reminds your community that you are aware of what is currently happening or trending. Share stats, facts, tips, and things they can do that are simple and actionable specific to your brand.

NE is cited as the most important part of social media interactions. These networking efforts create relationships that are invaluable to your success. It’s the main reason others use social media. You must learn to carry a conversation, complement, and interact within the means of the platform you manage.

Interact with big celebrities but be very specific and fruitful with your words. One example Pallen gives is “Hey @celebrity, loved your book and your perspective on entrepreneurship. I feel very inspired.”

What to Post on Social Media?

One final piece to your framework is the topic you will speak about. This is normally the part people are hung up on the most.

I discovered a great video from Vanessa Lau, where she discusses a system of pillars and values to base your content around.

These are different pillars than the ones I spoke of earlier. These discuss 3 key areas you are knowledgable in or that really represent you.

For a real estate agent, your pillars could be “Real Estate Investor Friendly, Entrepreneurship, and Agent Branding.” These are the topics you will circle around.

Also, there are 3 values that are unique to you. These represent what makes you special in the crowd of creators and entrepreneurs. Mine are “Optimistic, Generous, and I believe in performing excellently in all I do.”

You’ve successfully developed resiliency by nurturing your 4 pillars, freed up hours of your day by optimizing your sleep schedule, and have the knowledge to run and manage successful marketing efforts.

You now have the framework to manage your own brand and business at a very optimal level.


Which part do you think you need to pay more attention to?

For me, it’s my social pillar. Being a prolific creator, I tend to lose myself in my work. I need to take better care of myself by budgeting time to call friends and family.


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