On the Gaussian Surface

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If math is the language of the universe, and God its creator, then Carl Friedrich Gauss is a modern prophet. Blasphemy to the ideologue, but truly a worthwhile hypothesis for the open-minded. Together, with Euler, Newton, Leibniz, et al. The Calculus is born.

Mathematical wizardry left encrypted in leatherbound tombs of knowledge… whose potential awaits any worthy scholar. With the knowledge of Newton, Gauss, Maxwell, Ramanujan, et al., a mathematician, equipped with the power of high intellect, can project an imaginary surface over an imaginary flow of energy, and yield the solutions to problems that have doubled our human lifespan.

By simplifying phenomena to mathematical objects, our reality is abstracted to the highest order, and man is capable of understanding the imperceivable, beyond the limitations of physical awareness, through the mathematical sense.

Physicists call it the Gaussian surface. It allows us to peer into higher dimensions and extract wild information. Sometimes, it takes centuries to tame the information and discover its potential. Either way, take this. Learn what calculus is, skip the equations for a while, and come to understand the operators.

Discover the utility behind every operator, and learn to personify these operators like characters in a great novel. In fact, discover the story of mathematics to truly unlock its meaning. For instance, ponder the beautiful summation symbol, Σ, sigma, the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet. Bounded by lower and upper limits, in conjunction with a mathematical statement like a function or constant, it commands the mathematician to perform the sum of the statement in relation to said bounds.

Anyway, I have digressed, for Gaussian surfaces are the topic that possessed me to write this. The majesty of mathematics tends to yield beautiful tangential discussions.

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