The Main Reason Why I Cut My Own Hair

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Watch this video of me cutting my own hair during self-quarantine while I smoke cannabis.

Have you ever been handed a mirror by your barber, take one look at yourself, and immediately choke back tears?

Many times I wonder how some of these men and women are allowed to work after performing such atrocities.

My main reason for cutting my own hair is that these barbers and hair stylists have been terrorizing my hair for years.

The only solution was to learn to cut it myself. So I went down a rabbit-hole of research and found the best at-home practices and techniques.

I relied on videos like this one:

The Best Clippers For At-Home Barbers

Through much research, I found these clippers to be the best clippers for an at-home barber perfection.

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The Wahl Senior made for tapering, fading and blending – everything I needed it for. They come in at just around $119.99 and can fluctuate to as low as $75.99 so be patient.

A set of clipper guards are necessary as well. This set is a good starting set.

You will need a way to see all around your head so you can figure it out with the mirrors you already have or buy this.

With all these tools and a lot of practice you can learn to cut your hair too.

How long did it take to get good?

It took about 3 months of cutting my hair twice a month before I began really understanding what I was doing.

In the beginning, I told my co-workers and friends to expect terrible haircuts as I was learning a new skill.

At first, it took me over an hour to cut my hair.

Eventually, I was able to produce a really nice fade in under 45 minutes.

Is This Worth Learning?

It definitely is a valuable skill to possess. Before humanity experienced a once-in-a-century global-pandemic, we turned all of our grooming practices over to professionals.

This caused a huge gap in the standard we held ourselves to and what we were capable of maintaining personally.

Luckily, for my wife’s eyes and my self-esteem, I learned this skill and have been able to keep myself well groomed through this historic self-quarantine.

I believe everyone should learn to cut their own hair before turning it over to professionals.

This will aid in your communication skills with your favorite barber or hairstylist and keep you looking fresh through your own self-quarantine.


Have you ever tried cutting your hair? Did it turn out as what you expected? Will you ever try again? What do you think went wrong

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